Do you want more opportunities to drive revenue?

With us you get a partner that is capable of overcoming any potential obstacles and building new opportunities by taking into consideration the formal, intercultural and practical factors of operating internationally.


Deliver better sales results with telemarketing that is personal, smart and insightful.​ Expert voice contact maximizes opportunities at the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel. Use telemarketing to enhance your data, build a better pipeline, maximize your sales efforts and optimize customer success.

Is telemarketing a strategic call?

When executed well, telemarketing is:


Create personal connections with customers and gain insights into their personalities, interests, attitudes and motivations.


Targeted and easily measured, telemarketing allows you to optimize interactions with your most valued prospects.


Build rapport with customers and reach a deeper understanding of their interests and needs.

Transform your sales and marketing efforts by partnering with telemarketing experts that are flexible, collaborative and results driven.

CPA - Cost Per Action Leads

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. With CPA affiliate marketing, advertisers pay affiliates when visitors take a certain action.
These actions can include:

CPA is just one form of affiliate marketing, and it’s a popular one. In fact, it’s now a multi-billion-dollar industry. Display advertising, like Google AdSense, is a form of CPA marketing.

CPA programs are considered a good choice for new affiliate marketers because you earn commission for leads rather than sales. It’s your job to get people interested enough to perform an action (take the first step), but you don’t have to worry about converting that lead.

The actions prospects are required to take (like filling out a form or downloading something) don’t require them to give a credit card number, so it’s much easier to convince visitors to take these steps.

Market Research

We develop and implement thorough marketing strategies based on the relevant and valuable market researches. Marketmelon delivers marketing with competitive advantage so remarkable & clear that every brand can become a leader in its business niche.

Data Cleansing

Our data cleansing services help managers at all levels to eliminate poor quality data and ensure that decisions are based on consistent and accurate information. The Marketmelon data cleansing team identifies, corrects and removes “unclean data” – inaccurate, inconsistent and corrupt data records.

Data Collection

Our main goal is to provide you with the information that you may require at any time/stage. Our team of qualified researchers places high importance on accuracy and efficiency to ensure that you get the data you require, irrespective of the field.